Cheryl moved to Kitchener after her father retired from the Air Force and started a custom home building company.

While completing a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Business, as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate for Public Relations, Cheryl worked all positions within the family business. Beginning as a helping hand in the Summers, she grew into her role as Customer Liaison, Lead Sales Representative and Office Project Manager. Outside of work, Cheryl loves to travel - particularly to regions in need. She has volunteered in Kenya and Peru, plus brought her home building skills to a village in Dominican Republic in need of homes.

Her passion and knowledge for the home industry is contagious and she brings her creativity, attention to detail and customer service skills from building custom homes into the Real Estate market effortlessly.

Cheryl knows how much love and effort go into every family's home, understanding what a large transition moving can be she can help you navigate your options with honesty and integrity in a stress-free, positive environment.


As the Customer Selections Manager at Klondike Homes LTD I work with clients and guide them through the selections of their custom home. From the exterior brick and stone, to cabinetry and paint colours, I assist clients with each aspect of their home to ensure the entire project is cohesive and meets their design goals.  I co-manage the progress of the project in conversation with our site supervisor, construction team, trades and suppliers. Building a home is a lot of work, and while you're building your dream home, it can feel like you have a million decisions to make and within a specified time frame that moves very quickly. My organization, patience, unmatched attention to detail and passion for home building and design fuel my passion to support clients through this process. 

My passion for the home goes beyond design and also celebrates organization.  I have an eagerness to optimize functionality and simplify spaces always aiming to practice effective storage strategies. 

My personal home goals as of late are to live a more sustainable life in a more sustainable home. I have invested in doing the research and asking all of the questions while transitioning to a lifestyle that aims to reduce the world's carbon footprint.​


The purpose of this website is to education and inform. Please do not accept all information as a substitute for professional advice - the information shared is information from our own respective experiences in real estate, home building and renovating. Information may not apply to all projects alike. 

Building codes and requirements and by-laws vary from region-to-region, always consult a professional for recommendations for your specific project.