• The Home Girls

Four Steps Towards Minimalism

I truly believe that my generation (millennials) sometimes struggle with commitment. This is not to say that we void of passion, hard work or dependability; but merely that we are accustomed to such a fast-paced way of life that we struggle to commit to one thing and one thing only. I notice this in my peers most when it comes to careers and geographical roots. We truly are restless in the best and most misunderstood of ways. My goal is to help others achieve simplicity. This goal will look different for everyone. When it comes to fitness, diet and lifestyle I find that many still struggle to commit. I am my own perfect example. I choose to practice some elements of sustainability by eating a vegan diet here and there throughout the week. I struggle to commit to it on a full-time basis (it’s not for me), but I make an effort to practice it by incorporating elements of it into my diet. Minimalism is a commitment. I am not a minimalist nor do I claim to be. Though I cannot fully commit, I actively choose to incorporate aspects of minimalism into my life with the ultimate goal of simplicity. Want to incorporate some aspects of minimalism into your life? Follow my method of transportation (decluttering) below: Closet: if you’re not feeling inspired enough to do a full closet purge you can still make an effort by starting small. Go into your closet or dresser and set a goal of 12 items you are willing to part with. Perhaps they no longer fit you or suit your current taste. Once you have them set aside, donate them. Kitchen: rid yourself of doubles (or triples). These culprits are often in the form of coffee mugs, water bottles, small appliances, etc. If you’ve accumulated more items than you need, go through them, and rid yourself of any multiples. Technology: apps can be our best friends and our worst enemies all at the same time #distractions. Take 5 minutes and look through the apps on your phone. Delete apps that you are no longer using and/or getting use out of. Schedule: revisit your schedule. Are you trying to pack way too much into your week? Look closely at it. Are you planning your time well, or are you simply filling slots to feel busy and/or accomplished? Plan smart. Shave off things that are not a good use of your time, or that  your heart really isn’t in. Make time for your priorities - remember priorities include activities that support your physical and mental health. Engaging in these four steps can help put you on the path towards minimalism. Never feel inclined to commit to a particular lifestyle, but learn from it and understand how you could perhaps incorporate elements of it into your life.