• The Home Girls

Meet Jaeda.

Hi, Homies! I’m Jaeda, a co-op student from GCI in Cambridge.

This semester I am completing my co-op with The Home Girls.

From day one I have loved everything about home design. Whether it be drawing up a layout for a potential home one day, or re-organizing my bedroom for the thousandth time, I enjoy designing beautiful spaces and always have.

I often find myself saving photos on Instagram of luxurious homes and their interiors and have thought long and hard about becoming either a realtor or interior designer because of my passion for these subjects. Which is why I am beyond excited to be placed with Mikela and Cher for my first co-op experience!

Aside from loving the world of home design, I thoroughly enjoy working in business and with technology. I am completing the Tech Design Magnet offered at my school, as well as participating in Business SHSM, and am planning on going to post-secondary for a degree in Global Business and Digital Arts at the University of Waterloo.

I can’t wait to see where this semester will take me with The Home Girls!