• The Home Girls

Our Top 3 Tile Installation Patterns

The tile you choose for your home affects how you feel and influences the overall energy of the space. If you’re looking for some ideas of what tiling pattern you should have in your home, read on! Here are three of our favourites and what spaces we feel they are best suited for:


The herringbone tile pattern is elegant, sophisticated and modern. This pattern looks impeccable in a kitchen backslash and will remind you of joy and beauty every time you see it. Want to take it a step further ... consider laying your hardwood in a herringbone pattern, or focus it in one specific area such an entry foyer to add some dimension.


A close cousin to the herringbone, the chevron tile pattern with it’s sharp ‘v’ formation is a powerful tile that is best used in a laundry room or foyer - or maybe even a home office if you're willing to be bold! It put’s out feelings of calmness while at the same time making you feel motivated and successful.


This old-timer to the tile family was recently brought back into style and has since been beautifully modernized. It looks amazing in bathrooms, often adding a quirky, yet classic touch. It's fun, it's bold and you can decide how much hex you want in your life by limiting it to a tile border in shower, or going full steam ahead and laying it in an en-suite floor!

Any of these tile patterns will make your home look elegant, classic and fun, and potentially the envy of all those who enter!