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Reflecting On The BIGGEST Interior Design Trends Of 2019

Ranging from bold colours that scream against geometrical backgrounds, to soft blushes and quirky furniture, 2019 was undoubtedly the year of bold home design. Here are some of the biggest home design trends we saw this past year:

1. Green, Clean and Everything in Between

Sustainability has become quite a movement in our modern day society. Whether you’re weaving wooden baskets yourself or simply painting some old spoons to make a mirror frame, homemade ‘green’ decor is totally in. Some studies have even shown that having

plants indoors has many health benefits and can reduce common illnesses such as the cold and the flu in winter.

2. All Soft & Cozy - With A Hint Of Pink

Venturing into the more earthy side of things, soft tones and warm cozy decor is enormously in for 2019. Maybe it has to do with all of the ‘Instagram worthy’ inspiration out there posted by influencers. Or, just the

fact that the thought alone makes you want to cuddle up with a knitted blanket and some hot chocolate.

3. How Bold Can We Possibly Be?

Around the corner and down the hall from ‘soft and cozy’, the emphatic realm of harsh lines and bursting colour became the latest thing in the world of home design for 2019. Adding in pops of vibrant colour against a white background makes it possible to achieve the this boldness - no need to paint every room a different colour to exercise colour boldly! And, if you're using the 10% colour, 90% white rule, really anyone can transform their homes into something out of a home design magazine.

4. Voluptuous Furnishings

Contrary to the angular aspects of the bold trend, curvaceous furniture was one of the most in-vogue and lavish trends yet for 2019. The elegant design of curvy decor has taken society by exceptional surprise and caused the 1980’s trend of the rich and over-done, to show a leg again in modern society. In a world where everything is always straight to the point, this curvy decor trend is a fascinating craze that seems to keep the design world wanting more!

While we loved the 2019 trends and exercised some of them in our own homes, we look forward to seeing what 2020 has to offer!

-The Home Girls

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